Aims of the course

  • Learn to recognise your preferred way of communicating and that of your staff
  • Learn to communicate positively
  • Identify the hidden or expressed needs of the person you are talking to and respond accordingly
  • Anticipate and prevent situations of conflict within the team
  • Reinforce the motivation of your staff
  • Manage stressby knowing people’s needs
  • Discover the way of remaining OK/OK in your communicationand apply the golden rule of “Channel & Perception of the BASE + psychological need of PHASE”

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    General information: length, audience, prerequisites

    Our training course last for 2 to 3 days and are aimed at anyone wishing to improve their personal and/or professional quality of life. In other words, they are for people wanting to understand and anticipate their own behaviour, anyone wishing to improve their leadership in managing a team, someone wanting to adjust the way they communicate in order to develop their assertiveness or for people hoping to understand what generates stress and to work on it preventatively.

    What are the prerequisites for attending our courses? None, apart from completing the “PCM” personality inventory questionnaire, which will be sent to you in advance so that you can respond to it at your ease before the course.

    The programme for our course

    • Introduction
    • Presentation of the 6 Process Communication personalities
      • The 6 types of personality: characteristics, strengths, interests, etc.
      • Perceptions: the 6 different ways of seeing the world
      • The personality building
    • Management styles
    • The 5 parts of the Personality of an Effective Manager
    • The 5 communication channels
    • Understanding why individuals may change their behaviour
    • Discovering drivers
    • Preferred environments
    • Psychological needs
    • Stress
      • Definition
      • Position of life
      • The sequences of stress
    • The degrees of mismanagement

    Our approach and methodology

    We begin by introducing the participants and examining their expectations, enabling each one to answer questions about his or her personal experience. We then conduct various communication exercises so that every can reveal their own particular perception of the world and understand how using the right communication channel has an effect on the message. We also do exercises on ways of managing stress and finding ways of overcoming it.

    Throughout the training we use videos and slides, etc. so that you have no problem in keeping up with the topics. We also gear the form of communication we use (process) to the way you view things. Finally, we put an action plan in place to help participants respond positively to their psychological needs.

    General note: this interactive training combines theory, practical exercises, sharing actual experiences and illustrations.