Our in-company coaching methods


As consultants, we make our experience available to you to offer practical solutions while becoming the partner for your HR strategy. At the same time, you benefit from valuable advice and expertise for improving your HR practices and procedures.

Individual or group coaching

Uman4U is also able to provide your employees with individual guidance, assisting them in managing their career: changing position within the company, career assessments, developing business skills and so on. We always aim to bring out their talents, enabling them to grow and take the next step.

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    We offer training courses dealing with a variety of topics related to HR management and processes, such as recruitment, setting targets, employee assessments, assertiveness, stress management, etc.

    Other popular areas include self-knowledge and management, change management and the factors that motivate workers through specific themes covering the skills associated with communication and the impact they can have on the organisation.

    These topics may also lead us to guide businesses in the ways of redefining corporate culture. This is an area in which we also conduct group coaching sessions, taking the form of workshops at which we help the key players in the business to rethink the company’s vision and actions.

    What is in-company coaching?

    In the constantly changing world of business, companies come under enormous pressure. Obliged to deliver results both in the short term and long term, some of them may struggle to achieve their targets. That’s where in-company coaching comes in. Taking an impartial look at things from the outside helps you to muster your internal resources to enhance your performance. Acting as a facilitator, the coach works with you for a specific period to determine your exact problem and advise you about any actions you need to put in place.

    But what is the coach’s remit, in practical terms? Depending on the initial brief, the in-company coach may carry out a range of different missions: individual coaching, strategic coaching, development coaching, team coaching or transition coaching.

    At Uman4U, we specialise in questions relating to HR strategy and career management in the broad sense.


    Why call in a consultant or a coach?

    To provide perspective and a performance springboard for your business

    • Taking a fresh look at your business from the outside enables you to put things in the necessary perspective to establish your strengths, while also looking at your future challenges.
    • Over time, good business coaching enables you to optimise the performance of your business by making the best possible use of all its resources: methods, procedures, models, staff, etc.

    Greater skills and more fulfilling job satisfaction for your employees

    • An in-company coach helps you to use the full potential of your staff by highlighting their talents and skills.
    • By helping your employees to develop and growth within your business, you are also enabling them to attain job satisfaction and so achieve the results expected of them.