An independent consultant for optimising your HR policy

Uman4U is a consultancy. We help businesses to optimise their HR practices and procedures by advising them about numerous different issues: managing talent, job classification, job description, social relations, development and skills enhancement plans, internal communication, remuneration policy, organisational definition, etc.

To do this, we always proceed in two main steps:

  • We begin by familiarising ourselves with your HR so that we can identify both its strengths and areas that would benefit from improvement. This HR audit enables us to analyse your current situation very accurately and to see how we can help you to optimise it.
  • We then translate this analysis by suggesting solutions that are both practical and personalised and by advising you how best to implement them.

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    The main qualities of a good HR consultant

    A good consultancy must be able to act effectively in assisting its clients to resolve the issue(s) behind their enquiry. This means that the consultancy’s staff must have a range of different skills essential for completing their assignment successfully:

    • They must be fully aware of the way companies work and the business world in which they operate
    • They must be able to analyse a situation accurately
    • They must have excellent ability to adapt so that they can integrate easily into the various HR teams
    • They must be able to coordinate, run and/or implement various projects
    • They need to have great relational skills and an acute sense of ethics in areas such as issues associated with confidentiality.

    Why select our particular HR consultancy?

    Personalised support and guidance

    We believe that it is extremely important for the solutions we put forward to be given a personal touch. To make this happen, we are always listening to your company and its teams and our aim is to create a strong partnership with you.

    Tried-and-tested experience in Human Resources

    Throughout their professional careers and their many years working in business, our HR specialists have gained a huge amount of experience, which they make available to you.

    Effective solutions that deliver a very fast ROI

    We draw up a business strategy that is suited to your business and which encompasses operational HR solutions that focus on results and which for you represent a genuine investment in time and money.

    Emphasis on the relational

    As HR consultants, our mission sometimes requires us to push you gently in the right direction so that you can focus on areas that would benefit from improvement. But in doing so, we also make sure that we inculcate genuine empathy in the relationship that we are going to build with you.

    Transfer of skills

    We make it a point of pride to allow you to be autonomous and so to be free to adapt the project based on the way it is developing to ensure that it fits the needs of your organisation.