PI: the recruitment tool that assesses your potential candidates

Understanding what motivates people in the workplace is essential. This means that the recruiter has to analyse the match between job expectations and personal motivation, on the one hand, and the profile of the person who will actually do the job, on the other.

That’s why Uman4U works with the PI recruitment platform, which enables you to assess, target and select your new employees.

  • The platform assesses the behavioural and motivational dimensions of your job-applicants and compares them with their main managers to see whether they match. The results of this assessment are then transposed into a job profile.
  • It targets candidates whose behavioural profile corresponds with the position to be filled and whose cognitive abilities are also in line with the recommended score.
  • And it helps in the process of selecting the best candidate, based on the results of the assessment.

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    The different PI tools that we use

    Predictive Index® Job Assessment™ (PI JA)

    The test makes it possible to recruit the most promising talents by taking a number of different actions:

    • Defining job targets and managing the contribution of the various parties
    • Ranking the candidates and reviewing their profile within the pipeline
    • Calculating the degree to which the candidate and team match each other, based on the working styles of the team in question
    • Setting up an interview featuring a behavioural interview guide and standard questions
    • Integrating the candidate into the team

    PI JA also enables you to inspire your staff by training them properly and fostering the employee-employer relationship. In fact, in addition to the recruitment aspect, this assessment is also an opportunity to better understand interaction within the team by identifying strengths, noting any warning signs and examining the development prospects for each member, taken individually and in a group.

    Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment™ (PI BA)

    This behaviour-based test is an integrated psychometric tool that enables you to be more objective when selecting candidates by measuring the behavioural and motivational aptitudes of each of them. How do your candidates and staff decide? How do they interact? To what extent do they adjust to change? How good are they at solving problems? These are all questions to which this test is able to provide at least the basic elements of a useful reply.

    Predictive Index® Cognitive Assessment™ (PI CA)

    This test for assessing cognitive aptitude also makes it possible to be objective in the choice of applicants by measuring their digital, abstract and verbal cognitive ability, as well as their speed of adjustment.

    Benefits of the PI recruitment platform

    PI saves time for your HR department: the platform enables you to make accurate job offers – in other words, the CVs of potential candidates correspond more closely to your needs. Sorting applications is also made easier.

    PI helps to increase employee retention and reduce staff churn in your company by reducing the rate of error at the recruitment stage.

    Very fast, the PI platform exists in 60 languages and is able to generate reports in 21 different languages.

    As the only provider of the platform in French-speaking Belgium, Uman4U offers you a platform that has tried-and-tested expertise in identifying the person for the job who is best suited to your corporate culture.