The importance of a sound recruitment process for your business

Recruitment has become a genuine strategic issue for many companies. Making a carefully considered choice can be complicated, both from a professional and human point of view, but it remains essential.

When workers don’t give 100% effort, the business that employs them can suffer. After all, there can be many reasons why employees disengage: for instance, they may not be suited to their job, or perhaps they’re at odds with the manager, team or corporate culture and environment. And if they are, the consequences can be catastrophic. Which is why it is vital for you to optimise your resources so that there is a good fit between your company’s strategy and the people who apply to work there.

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    Looking for a recruitment consultant? Find out about our services

    Our HR consultants provide tailored advice to guide you through the process of optimising your recruitment strategy. We also help you in your search to find the best candidates for the role, assisting you throughout your selection process or by carrying out the final assessment.


    Tips for optimising your recruitment process: our method

    To guarantee a proper match between your company strategy and the talents you hire, there are 4 main points to be taken into account.


    Using a diagnostic process based on an HR audit, we measure the critical data relative to each individual and then analyse the data in the context of your company. Once that’s done, we recommend appropriate remedies.


    We carefully design and develop a team structure geared to the culture of your business.


    We select and recruit the best talents for achieving your objectives.


    We then use the data relating to each candidate to help boost your performance by taking your leaders, teams and corporate culture to the next level.

    Selecting the best people for the job to meet your recruitment needs

    Uman4U can also play a part in your search for new staff. To start off with, our human resources specialists take the time to identify your company’s culture and values. By conducting an HR audit, we are able to determine what makes a good candidate for you. This initial phase is vital in finding the person who suits you and your needs best. In fact, looking beyond skills, we place a great deal of importance on human capital.

    Our selection process then proceeds in 11 major steps:

    1. Analysing your needs and deciding on the profile you are looking for
    2. Writing and publishing the job advertisement
    3. Searching for qualified candidates
    4. Assessing and selecting CVs
    5. Initial interviews, by telephone
    6. Second interviews, face to face
    7. Presentation of suitable candidates to the recruitment manager
    8. Interview with the future manager
    9. Feedback from the manager
    10. Taking up references (optional)
    11. Selecting the final candidate and drawing up the contract

    Our recruitment platform: PI

    As a partner of the Predictive Index platform, our recruitment agency can include this important test in your search. The benefit is that it makes your recruitment process more professional by making it truly factual. This enables you to base yourself on proven facts to hire your new employee – and not just a ‘feeling’.