Locate the ideal talent for your company

Specialising in corporate HR consultancy and coaching, Uman4U is the agency that will help and guide you throughout your recruitment process. Our aim? To locate the ideal talent who both matches the position to be filled and fits in with the culture and values of your company.

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    Advice on recruitment and selecting the right person for the job

    Our human resources specialists will advise you on ways to optimise your recruitment processes. We will also offer to walk with you throughout your search, in particular by establishing exactly who it is you want, as well as by writing the job advertisement and analysing incoming CVs, etc.

    The Predictive Index® platform

    We are the only providers of the Predictive Index® recruitment platform in French-speaking Belgium. This software is a genuine asset for assessing, targeting and selecting your new staff members, helping to make your recruitment interviews more factual.

    Why use Uman4U to recruit your staff?

    For any business, hiring a member of staff always involves an element of risk. If all goes well, if the person you select is properly skilled and qualified and fits in well with the team he or she is joining, then hiring someone is well worth the risk. But if things don’t work out, the ramifications can be considerable.

    We are well aware of this risk, of course, and that is why we place such great importance on human and cognitive parameters. Our aim is to help you find that rare pearl, both in terms of the person’s skills and their relational abilities. Because a business whose staff are well matched is a business that can do nothing but grow. Good employees, the right skills and harmonious relations between co-workers, etc. Those are the key words for boosting your performance.