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Life in the workplace has never been as complex as it is today. Faced with diversification and the specialisation of trades and professions, as well as the arrival of a new generation of employees in the workplace who have a different outlook on work, companies are gradually changing the way they approach recruitment. These days, it’s more about different status, for example having active employees within the company who are no longer recruited solely for their skills, but also for their ability to learn new ones.

Naturally this change of paradigm has an effect both on existing employees and also on jobseekers. Today, more than ever, they need to make the right career choices and become instrumental in their own career pathway. Working on one’s own skills is essential, but this still complicated because it requires taking a step back and gaining more perspective regarding one’s own situation.

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    To improve your working life or to make it move forward, Uman4U is able to offer you the expertise of a coach for private individuals. The aim of that person is to help you develop more in your working life so that working can be enjoyable once again on a day-to-day basis.

    Our skills areas in career management coaching

    Career assessment

    Before thinking about the future, it is sometimes important to take the time and dwell on the present as you analyse the stages taken along the way. Career assessment provides the ideal way of putting into perspective everything you have learnt in your career pathway and then deciding on the path you want to take next.

    Career direction and redirection

    Whether it’s for your first job or redirecting your career after you have been working for some time, it is important for you to find the type of job that suits you – one that enables you to use your talents, achieve fulfilment and, above all, grow professionally.

    Coaching and professional development

    To stay competitive on the jobs market, it is vital for you to get to know yourself better and to understand where your strengths lie, as well as the challenges likely to face you in the future. This will enable you to develop more easily within your chosen career.

    Coaching for the self-employed

    It’s not always straightforward simply to launch yourself into a new business or activity. Uman4U will guide you throughout the whole development of your business project and help you make the right choices.

    And many others, too…

    Managing the end of your career, returning to work after a lengthy absence, preparing for the recruitment process and interviews, help with change, etc. We can make all of our considerable expertise available to you to deal with all the issues surrounding the management of your career.